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My name is Sheridan, and I'm a Website Specialist. I describe myself this way because I haven't found any other title that fits me well. I'm a website designer, I write copy, and I dive into the technical aspects of SEO. I can write you a weekly promotion plan, but I'll also help you fix the errors in your Google Shopping Feed.

My love for words & writing - and making the reader's experience interesting, informative and easily comprehensible - led to my love of websites. Above all, I strive to make websites that make sense. Each page has a purpose, each section a responsibility, and each enhancement a specific goal. I live and breathe SEO, but I'll never put it first over what serves the user best.

Direct them to your conversion point in the simplest way. Tell them exactly what they need to know about your product. Provide the perfect resources to inform their purchase decision. Immerse them in your brand. Amaze & dazzle them, but never confuse & overload them.

My passion is one simple thing - best practice websites from every perspective. I design, build, and revolutionise websites from the inside out.

Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Current Positions
L'Oréal Australia | eCommerce Manager
Sheridan Hessing | Freelance Website Specialist
Previous Positions
L'Oréal Australia | eMerchandising Manager
MyDeal.com.au | Category Manager


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