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All websites are not created equal. If your website isn't getting the results you're after, isn't easy to use, or generally needs some improvements, I can help.


I've said it before and I'll say it again - no website is set and forget. Whether you built it yourself or spent thousands of dollars on hiring a professional developer, the launch day design is only the beginning. You should be constantly assessing how your site is performing and making improvements based on that data.

If you want to add extra oomph or make the improvements that matter to your site, but you're not really sure where to start or what you actually need to change, I can do a full site audit. I will provide a detailed report of all the areas that need improvement, which you can either take away to action yourself or I can make all the changes for you.

Having an external party complete an audit is a really important step for creating best in class sites. You understand your brand really well and know exactly how your site should function, so it's easy to miss things that are obvious to those outside your business. It's the same process as an editor checking a writer's work - you should always have a second set of eyes.

If I'm conducting an audit of your site, these are the questions I'm asking:

+ Is it easy to understand what your business does?
+ Are your key services & products easy to find?
+ Is navigation through every page clear as a whole?
+ Is all the information I need to make an informed purchase present?
+ How do I contact the brand?
+ Are there any broken pages or links?
+ Are all CTA's (Call To Actions) clear, and direct the user to logical places?
+ Is your copy grammatically correct and easy to read?
+ Is your brand voice consistent across all pages?
+ Do all modules and page areas work as I - a user who is not familiar with your brand - expect them to?
+ Is a Sitemap & robot.txts present?


Often you're looking to make changes and improvements to your site, but you don't know how to achieve your desired result or how much work it might take. I can assess your current set up & the platform you're on to provide a clear path to success.

Sometimes this might mean scaling back an idea or tweaking it slightly to work with the technology we have available, but you can be confident that I'll always be clear about what's possible with your budget and what your best alternatives are.

Some examples of projects you might partner with me on are

+ Pop-ups
+ Newsletter sign-ups
+ App integrations (booking calendars, eCommerce, etc)
+ New pages
+ Forms (Contact, enquiry, etc)
+ Complex page layouts
+ Internal Search
+ Extra modules & page areas
+ Page redesigns
+ SEO improvements (Sitemaps, technical fixes, URL clean-ups, etc)

I also work with a number of clients on ongoing maintenance and technical support. Whilst I don't offer retainers, I'm happy to work with you to find out what your ongoing needs are and how we can effectively balance that with your budget.

Some of these items may include

+ Web hosting
+ Domain management
+ Ongoing certificates (SSL, etc)
+ Subscription services (Newsletter platforms, editors, etc)
+ Booking platforms
+ Banner updates & homepage refreshes
+ Product uploads

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Taliha Paige

Bringing together many different facets of a personal brand into one cohesive platform.


Creating clarity around a potentially ambiguous service, and generating leads.


A simple site for driving conversion in multiple forms - eCommerce, newsletter sign-ups, and contact.

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