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Create a website that tells your brand's story, sells your vision and drives customers to your conversion point.

My experience covers both small business and international companies, with a particular focus on User Experience. Of utmost important to me is making sure that websites are easy to navigate, inter-connected, and geared towards the focus of the business in question. I want anyone who visits a site to be able to understand immediately who a business is, what they do, and how to find the information they need.

With 10s of website building platforms and thousands of templates it can seem like it's easy to plug and play, for any industry and any use case, but the devil is in the detail. Making sure your website is completely personalised & tailored is how you really drive conversion. Don't rely on a pre-made shell to deliver results, because it won't.

I don't expect any client to know exactly what they're after, or how their site should look - they just need to know what their end goal is. Using this base information we can build out the perfect platform to serve your customers.

The process of a site build varies, depending on a number of things. Some question we'll need to pose are:

+ Does your brand currently have a site or are we're starting from scratch?
+ How well formed is your Brand Identity?
+ Will the project include copywriting, or is there existing copy that will be used?
+ Which platform is the site to be built on?
+ Will the site require eCommerce (customers can buy products or services on it)?
+ How many pages & features does the site build include?
+ What is the timeline of the project?

Don't stress if you don't know the answer to some or all of these points - that's exactly why I'm here. We'll nut out exactly what you need, what you can do without, and how long the process will take. From there, the sky is the limit!


I also work with Sitecore & Salesforce Commerce Cloud, I just don't build sites from scratch on these platforms.

See My Work

Taliha Paige

Bringing together many different facets of a personal brand into one cohesive platform.


A simple site for driving conversion in multiple forms - eCommerce, newsletter sign-ups, and contact.

Bodies By Bel

An eCommerce site all about product discoverability and education, driving conversion.

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